Evacuation Challenge?

Make a challenge to add a little variety to the endless riding.
The idea is this: The sunken island has a leak and water is rushing in. You, the rider, must ferry precious cargo from the sunken island back out to mainland Watopia. You only have 20 minutes before the tunnels completely flood.
The issue is this: for each piece of cargo, you add weight, so you have to make choices about how many pieces to carry at once.
The other issue is this: as water rushes in, the whole ocean boulevard tunnel starts to flood, which increases the rolling resistance, so you have to make the choices of how to space your power efforts out as the early power will go farther than the later power.
Here is the third issue: the grateful citizens of Watopia only give you powerups or time bonuses when you complete a trip, so you have to balance the number of back-and-forths with the amount of time each trip takes.

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Naughty Paul!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Game-ification ideas like this could b a fun way to break up the occasional monotony of it all. Could be in the form of a disguised workout that doesn’t use ERG mode that incentivizes the rider to ride at different intensity levels to ‘win’ each portion of an scripted event. I saw a video recently that highlighted Jon Mayfield saying that the volcano was originally intended to have a giant machine that would be powered by all the cyclists who showed up for a global event. It was scrapped but they are definitely thinking of ways to engage the community.

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Last Halloween’s dino suit scavenger hunt was great fun. I want more events like that!

Alleycat races on Zwift would be tons of fun! Using manual turns to get to all the points on the manifest as fast as possible, it would involve more skill than just being the fastest person in the group to win.


Did you try Gold rush on ZwiftGps.com. It is a lot of fun, but you need an extra monitor or a separate device.

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I haven’t tried that. I just recently changed my setup to include an old TV we had that is now mounted on the wall in front of my bike, so I can have two screens.

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Fez, you must mean this video.

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That’s the one!

I was just on here to post this idea! Glad I spotted this post first :slightly_smiling_face:

Alley cat races would be great and would mean as a rider you would be able to play to your strengths, for example a climber might choose a steeper route to get to a waypoint, whereas a sprinter might choose a slightly longer, less steep, route. Which would add a whole new dimension to races!