Etapa 1 del Tour de Watopia potenciómetro mal calibrado

Hola,en la etapa 1 del tour de Watopia tenía el potenciómetro mal calibrado lo que dio lugar a una cantidad de vatios exagerados para mí nivel.Por eso al finalizar el evento se me a marcado como corredor de clase A,cosa que no soy.Solicitaria un reseteo de ese evento y devolverme a mi categoría que es en B, gracias.

Answered in your other post requesting the same.

Idk wtf you are writing here, but that sounds like you are enjoying laughing after a spanish user… meanwhile zwift talk abt no racism…

I just tried to give a fella some advice and help him to fix the problem … but unfortunately (as you can see) my Spanish is very limited … probably we should call in “bad”? :frowning:

Wow, this sounds interesting … racism? Spanish is the race???
Can you elaborate? Pls, educate me … :slight_smile:

This has nothing to do with Spanish.
Is it your native language?