Escaped Zwift activity by mistake

Hello all,

Apologies if this answered elsewhere on the forum but I couldn’t find it.

I just completed a TT using Apple TV. I pressed the Menu button on the Apple remote to escape the activity so I could save as usual. But I either fat thumbed it and double clicked or the button is sticky. Either way, it closed down the Zwift app by mistake.

I then restarted Zwift and it said I had an activity I hadn’t saved and would I like to resume. I pressed Yes. And I then saved it in the usual way.

Now that’s all good but it has no results details on it in the companion app. And neither does it appear on Zwiftpower.

I presume it’s just wave goodbye to that part of it?

No worries if so, just be more careful with that remote in future.


It should in reality save with all the data.

However I think you’ve been bitten by the recent but affecting data saves from Apple TV although that might be fixed now

Thanks Stuart

It has happened once before to me but that time (earlier this year) it did save all the data and transfer over to ZP. Oh well. Cheers

I also have had sweaty finger trouble with the apple remote after an event, it defaults to “return to” world where you started prior to the event ( often the case with group rides you have to boot into an active world). several times ofter picking up the remote, i’ve left the people i’ve been riding with for hours, can’t it always default to “stay here” ?