Errors in logfile

(Joakim Nomell) #1

Hi everyone. I am a new Zwift user from Sweden. I am Visual impaired, blind and normally I am a tandembiker together with my pilots. Een if I can’t see anything, Zwift really gives me much inspiration on the trainer. The sound effects from the 3d World and the game is great.


Well, I am using an iMac 27" from late 2013. 3,5gb I7 CPU, 32GB RAM and 4GB Graphics memory. As far as I know, Everything runs smoothly. Sighted people in my famely says Everything looks just greate. I can’t of cause verify that. :slight_smile:


But, when checking the logfiles after a run I can find a lot of errors of different kind. And as a Linux-user, I don’t like errors of that amount.


I attach a summary of different errors in my log file.


I get for example a lot of:


* GLSL warnings, very, very many lines of them.

* A lot of network 4, can’t send player state warnings

* ANT rx errors on my channel 2 which in this case I Think is my powermeter (Garmin Vector).

* From my powermeter (Vector) I get a lot of unknown powerdata. I Think, but not sure, that it is values from the cycling Dynamics that Vector sends, but not sure.

* At start up when Zwift loads some wad-files, I get some error messages saying “unable to load texture file” and a path to files that I cant find in Zwift applications upport folder on my Mac.


Are these error messages something to care about or is it normal?


Thanks for some help and thanks for a great game/training.