Error when stop pedalling using Tacx Satori and iOS Zwift

Hi I noticed this error when I first started using Zwift on iOS but it hasn’t been fixed so raising here.

When I stop pedalling (and the rear wheel is still spinning but slowing down) there is a huge power burst, right up to 2000w which is well beyond my capabilities!  This then drops off to zero and the bike slows to a stop as it should.

Not a huge issue but Zwift clearly thinks there was an error as I never have a max 5 sec power output recorded in my stats.

Just me?

This is probably something related to signal issues. You may want to check your log files on a fansite like Zwiftalizer to see if you’re having dropouts. If you are - or you want to skip straight to the troubleshooting - try reducing the interference around your setup.

I hope this helps!

I’m having the same issue and it’s very annoying because it destroy all credibility to stats provided by Zwift on my workouts.

I can’t think of doing group workout or race with that bug either.

I highly doubt this is due to interference because it systematically happens when I stop pedalling (exactly like OP). I’ve tried various setups and it’s always occurring.

It’s probably something related to your driver for the satori smart. I’d love to help you debug this by sending logs and/or testing a different build with a patch or whatever I can do. Please advise.