Error Sending RideOn from ZC Activities list

Does anyone else get an error message (as pictured) when trying to give someone via the “Activities” list within the Zwift Companion app?

Sending a RideOn works fine if I go to the “Zwifting Now”, pick the rider and then wait for the big button to turn blue within their profile summary page.

This doesn’t seen to affect my wife’s phone but she’s using an iPhone and I’m on Android.

ZC version: 2.4.0(53)

Android Version: 6.0.1

O yes, this has been going on for the last two updates. There is another post about this same issue. Yous pictures is very helpful.



Mark can you try updating your ZC app? We’ve just released 2.4.1 for Android and it may address the issue. If it doesn’t please write back when you can! 

And thank you for the screenshots :) 

That worked, 2.4.1(445) installed and sending rideons via the Activities menu is fully working again. Great timing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the continued development ZwiftHQ. Keep up the excellent work.

It seem to be working, I don’t see the error message anymore. 

Thanks ZWIFT. 





You have to love updates…

Awesome everyone, glad to hear it’s working!