Error on starting ride

I’ve recently joined up and got the PC on 64bit, got the ANT and created a rider account and when I login and get the option to Join Now or Start Ride I get a couple of sliding ad screens and it either boots me out and sends me back to the desktop or I get a message stating “Oops something went wrong” then a window appears stating there is an error in the script on this page with an error of "Unable to get property ‘script’ of underfined or null reference.  Can you please advise what this is and how it can be rectified.  I’m paying $10 pm and can’t use it at the moment.  Much appreciated.

Hi Janelle,

I would highly recommend submitting a support ticket and including your log files with them (which you can find in your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder). That way we can see what’s going on and better help you.


sir, I have the same problems too for few days. can not log in.  I also can not find the logs folder. 

Hi Renny,

Try clearing the cache on your default browser. Is there no Zwift folder within your Documents folder?