Error on joining events

(Dave) #1

Who else is suffering from this bug?
It all stared a few updates ago. I try and join an event from the main screen. Some events are okay and others I can’t join
Yesterday, in preparation for the official Zwift TT thing that’s going on, I joined the B cat.
I logged on today and it was there ticked. With secs to go, I still couldn’t not join. However, I could join the Zwift Sportive easily.
I had even logged out and back again just in case.

(Nigel ) #2

You realize that the B category was women only? That might be your problem.

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(Dave) #3

Well spotted! Oops! Thanks ever so. The problem does still occur though. E.g. enter an event. Log-in and not be able to join. Close and restart and then able to.
I must see if an event is on tomorrow of the TT kind. Thanks ever so.