Error code z117

I’ve attempted install on several PCs (one brand new with outstanding specs), but anytime we try to run the program it attempts to update and we receive the error z117. We’ve gone through all the troubleshooting steps in the FAQ and have sent error logs and specs to support, but they have not responded in over a week (despite numerous attempts to follow up).

Any additional assistance that you guys can provide is much appreciated!

Just to give you a heads up, every time you email Zwift on the same issue it moves your email to the back of the queue. So even though it may take a while for customer service to respond it’s best to only send 1 email.

While you wait, have you seen this troubleshooting info and/or tried the options they list?

Good tip, and not an ideal system. No response for over a week is not good customer support.

Yes, we’ve gone through all of the steps they listed on this code and still have the same issue.

Hi had the same problem. I tried uninstalling the avast antivirus and also uninstalling the zwift app but it didn’t fix the problem.
Today finally I have done the upgrade using a free VPN (Windscribe). It is probably a server connection problem. Try it!