Error 0x80070005


I can’t open my Zwift app for Windows 10 because when tried to update or install show the 0x80070005 error.

Can I help me?


Need more info.

Is you Windows 10 fully updated?

What are you computer specs? 

Are all drivers updates, especially you graphics driver?

Have you tried uninstalling Zwift and reinstalling it?

A screenshot of the error could be helpful since it could be a Windows error or Zwift error.


Thanks Paul, 

Both, Windows and Graphics driver are update.

I have a Core I7 with 16gb Ram and 4gb Graphic dedicated. I use since february or march, but only now it’s not working.

Yes, I tried uninstall and reinstall.

When I try to install it show this error:

I click Ok and it finish the install and begin the update process. At the end, it show this error:

After this I can close the app.






Doesn’t Zwift like to have it’s files in My Documents and not anywhere else?


Microsoft says - The error code 0x80070005 is also described as ACCESS DENIED. 

I tried to change a folder during instalation, but the error continue.

The first reinstall I choise default folder, but another, I choise other disk.