Erratic Steering (Kickr bike + Apple TV + Tickr-X)

I have solved it but want to let others know. Tickr-X was the culprit. I had been experiencing steering issues with the combination above. By erratic steering I mean, in 80% of rides: non responsive steering for 15 minutes then shifts me to far right or far left and becomes non responsive again, being tossed to the sides by other riders and being stuck there, etc.
I tried everything (reinstalled Zwift and ZC; rebooted Apple TV and Kickr bike; disabled BT and internet data on my phone to ensure ZC uses my wifi; I have latest versions of every software and firmware). My bike is only 6 feet from my Apple tv and pairing is 100% ok upon loading. Steering was so erratic and useless that in despair I had disabled it.
Since I have only 2 devices sending data to the Apple TV: my Kickr bike and my Tickr-X heart rate monitor, it couldn’t be an issue of too many BT connections (Apple TV only supports 2 BT connections). In the end it came down to switching the Tickr-X for another, more basic, HR monitor (the Tickr-X sends more than HR data over BT). And voilà, problem solved. Did more than 10 rides with no issue since.
Note: I did not experience this issue when using the Tickr-X combination with my Windows PC instead of Apple TV.

Hi @Guy_Le_Blanc_BNC

Thanks for sharing that information and letting us know what worked for you.

You’d mentioned that the steering issue was only happening when using the built-in Bluetooth on your Apple TV. I’m curious if the same issue would have occurred if you’d used the ZC app as a BLE bridge and then paired your TICKR X and KICKR Bike using that pairing method instead. If you haven’t tried that, I’d suggest giving it a shot, and see how it goes.

You can find more info about how to do so in this article.

Since you mentioned that the erratic steering issue wasn’t a problem on your Windows PC, I’m hopeful that using the ZC app as a bridge to pair will allow you to again use your TICKR X for Zwift on Apple TV. It’s fairly commonplace for many Zwifters to use the ZC app to pair instead of the built-in Bluetooth due to the inherent limitations of the Apple TV hardware.

Anyhow, it’s good to hear that you’ve found a functional workaround in using a more basic heart rate monitor. Thanks again for sharing!

It should work in theory work but I am avoiding the ZC as a bridge because it constitutes yet another step causing delay between my action and what I see on TV. There is already enough delay, making it difficult to draft steadily within 1 meter behind another rider…

Guy Le Blanc

And I am fine using my Polar HR monitor to avoid the issue with Apple TV. The Tickr-X monitor was an overkill anyway for the purpose of Zwift. Thanks.

Guy Le Blanc

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