ERG / Resistance bug in custom workout

(Jamie Bishop Crescent CC) #1

I’ve just create and tried a custom workout and it didn’t quite respond as it was supposed to. The workout had an ERG warmup followed by 8min free ride an ERG recovery another 8 min free ride and an ERG cool down.

Everything behaved as expected for the warmup, then the free ride I could control the resistance with the iPhone app. The recovery ERG was fine but the next free ride block was stuck at ERG 120w the same as previous block. I tried turning the resistance all the way up and down, pausing the workout and restarting but nothing worked.

I opened the wahoo app and changed the resistance with that then quit it. When it came to the final ERG cooldown it again worked as expected.

I using Zwift on a mac with a whoa kickr. Here is  the workout file.

Kind Regards Jamie