ERG Not Working On Ipad But Works On Ant+ With PC

I have a Kickr Snap which I usually pair via Ant+ to my laptop without issue.

Recently I have started using Ipad instead of the laptop which is too old and slow and have a problem with ERG not working in workout mode.

As I progress through a workout there is no resistance change in the trainer and the actual wattage remains the same. The strange thing is that the workout mode seems to think I am hitting the target wattage because I get the yellow star at the end of the segment.

I have managed to solve the issue occasionally by switching everything off, restarting Zwift, reconnecting all devices and then starting the workout again, but this is tedious and doesn’t work every time.

My Wahoo Tickr and Wahoo Cadence sensors are both pairing fine and displaying true values so it appears to be an issue between the trainer and the Ipad.

I have the same problem, Ipad with Tacx Neo. I have noticed that when I turn on Tacx (power-on), and start Zwift app, it does not start ERG. I have tried to manually turn ERG on/off in the app, but without success.
However, after I restart the app (kill it on the IPad), ERG sometimes work.

Many thanks for any help,

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Hey all, we are investigating Kickr resistance issues that have been persistent on iOS. Can you try these steps to see if they help at all?

  1. Launch Wahoo app and run KICKR in app
  2. Disconnect KICKR
  3. Close Wahoo app
  4. Launch Zwift and pair KICKR

Once we receive significant new info on these cases I’ll update everyone. Thank you for your patience!