Erg not holding level in workouts

Even with erg mode on and keeping a steady (ish) cadence the power is all over the place.

Using a wahoo kickr latest software connected via Bluetooth to a surface pro running Windows 10.

Is this a game/turbo issue or expected output?

Hi @Alexander_Bowyer, welcome to the forum.

Wahoo has a setting in their app called ERG power smoothing (or something like that), make sure that is enabled.

If that doesn’t help, I’ve seen some people report that swtiching from Bluetooth to ANT+ has solved this for them, however, that shouldn’t be the case. Unless something is wrong with the devices or the trainers bluetooth?

Thanks for the quick response!

It looks to be that smoothing is already on.

I could try ant+ (I have a usb dongle for the HRM) but it would seam weird to be that.

Not sure how to go about troubleshooting the laptop / kickrs Bluetooth other than trying some other device

I find ANT+ far more stable than bluetooth, give it a try and if it works… forget about bluetooth.

I will give it a go tomorrow (even with the wavey power I’m knacked) and report if it is any better!

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: