ERG mode

When in a workout session and in ERG mode even if I paddle constantly the W is jumping between for example 80 to 200… It’s impossible to complete training sessions. When in ERG mode I was not able to get to 550W when out of EG mode it was possible. Also when in ERG mode and the training plan asked to quickly paddle around 550watt for 20 sec and then down to 220w for 30 sec and another 550 w for 20 sec that was not possible the Kickr didn’t adjust this fast… any tips thank you! 

This! Having this exact issue using the iOS App with my KICKR SNAP.

sSort of Same trouble here. Do not know if it is the ERG mode. But during a training the wattage on screen stays about the same,but i can clearly feel that the trainer is braking more and more to a point i can not paddle anymore. Happened twice now, before never a problem, very frustrating. Had to do 20min of 255W, after about 15min in each block it happened.

Same problem as Christiane and Andrew during workouts. Using Tacx Neo, and either laptop or iOS. Reported cadence also shoots up to ridiculous speeds for several seconds (the avatar’s legs are going to fly off!), even though I am definitely spinning constantly at 90-95 rpm. The cadence problem also occurs during regular (non-workout) rides.