ERG mode

I recently brought a Kickr II.

It connects to my laptop through an ANT+ dongle.  I cannot however get ERG mode to work.  

I have read the posts which say that ERG mode should be selected at the bottom of the screen when you select workouts. No such option appears on my screen.

When I run Zwift through my iphone I can acess ERG mode.

I have a 4.0 Bluetooth dongle in the laptop as well however yet to try and connect through this.

I am running Windows 10.

Hi James, I’m just guessing but try removing and re-adding the KickR. Try clicking on the wrench icon (pair screen/power source), then do a spindown.


Little consolation for you, but ERG mode sucks, that’s just me. Bikes do not get easier to peddle up hill and harder when heading down. Kind of silly…

Are you using the ANT+ FE-C option James?

James: also be sure you’ve selected WAHOO FE-C as the POWER SOURCE and as the CONTROLLABLE sensor in the Windows Zwift pairing screen.

Erg mode works fine for us with Windows 10, ANT+ and the original KICKR.

Thanks you all!

I did not realise (stupidly) that you had to select both Power Source and Controllable sensor.  It now works fine!!

Happy days

how do you access erg mode when just riding or everest challenge?

This was so incredibly helpful - I didn’t realize you needed both either! Thank you!!