ERG Mode Workouts & Segment PB's

This has probably been a topic but …

How does ERG mode impact your avatars in game speed?

I’m fairly new to Zwift, just a few weeks in, and just noticed that during my ERG mode workout today I broke my PB on the Hilly KOM Forward but think this is a bit of a bug.

According to Strava my previous PB was 3:21 at 252W yet during my workout today I’ve done it in 3:07 at just 185W. Surely this is incorrect and is a bug with how your avatars in game speed is calculated during ERG mode workouts? Or maybe the fact that it was a group workout & therefore drafting in a pack of 100 or so riders?

Either way could be a bit annoying if someone was wanting to track and attempt to beat their PB’s on the KOM’s.

you don’t get any of the gradients when doing erg workouts so that climb is treated as 0% not the 6% when riding normally

this would be the cause, there is a strange rubberband effect in group workouts… usually resulting in slower speeds, but can also go the other way if you are being pulled by stronger riders.

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Makes sense.

Annoying how it posts to Strava as your PB though !

This is not true. In a ERG workout you still go the same speed up the climb at the same power.

To the OP @Mike_Rowe1 is correct.