Erg mode 'temporarily disabled'

(The Penski) #1

This is a bug I’ve noticed over the last 2 months when I am doing a workout with ERG enabled.

If I stop pedalling, a message will pop up saying ‘Erg mode temporarily disabled’. This of course goes away once you start pedalling again.


Unfortunately, the resistance/power in ERG mode does reach the wattage it’s supposed to. For example, if I’m doing a 2 minute block of 125W, when I stop pedalling and ERG is disabled, I will never be able to hit 125W again - the Smart trainer will keep me on about 90W. This continues until the next block/change in wattage.

This issue does not occur when you pause the workout via smartphone.

Gear: Tacx Vortex Smart via ANT+ dongle, Windows 10.

(Y Aoki) #2

Similar here.  

I was doing 85w/265w repeats in a workout, and quite often ERG got “disabled” after the harder block, then my Kickr just kept spinning itself and took ages to come down to 85w (thus I missed the targets of easier blocks).  While I was pedaling light during these easy blocks, the ERG kicked in again.
This issue made the workout quite difficult to complete.
Is this a bug?  

(Steven Hoste) #3

Same problem here with Tacx Bushido smart. Very annoying!

only solution for me is quit the workout and restart!

(Daniel Ruppen) #4

I raised a ticket and got an answer from the support. ERG resume is not available on all smart trainers (e.g. I have Tacx Neo) but will be added in the future.

Fair enough and I look forward to it. It would help if this information would be available at he system requirements page

(jeremy [jeza]Martin) #5

i just had same problem with my neo.was doing the wringer today  and i only stopped once.after that ,each time the 30 sec interval came it would  sometimes stop erg !! also , when it was working i was def hitting the target but it failed me !! even on the rest zones …???

(Hamish Moffatt) #6

Same problem on the Vortex Smart. Zwift takes ages to get back to a steady resistance after ERG mode disabled. Very annoying.

Can ERG mode disabled be disabled?!

(jeffrey kauffman) #7

same problem on my Kickr…once I stop for a moment, erg mode is disabled and wont go back on until the next “block of work”…very frustrating

(Roberto Babbo) #8

i have the same problem with my Elite Drivo…anyone of zwift’s crew can we give a response please!!!

(Neil Brown) #9

same issue here with a kickr, really annoying and can really ruin a workout. Any answers yet zwift?

(. DrNorm) #10

agree. If I even stop to tighten my shoe it often kicks out of ERG mode (Tacx Neo) and then there is no way to “get back”. Blows a whole workout. Have tried to “pause” the workout which may have worked once or twice but the iOS app is so unreliable (constantly losing the connection as a controller) that it is often not possible. I occasionally need to stop mid-workout to answer the phone or a text and this can totally “blow” a 90 min. structured workout.  

(Chad Ferguson) #11

I have a similar issue with my iPad Air 2 and Bushido Smart. When I am in Erg mode it keeps dropping out. My ipad is mounted at the front of my bike on a Tacx iPad mount so it is relatively close to the Bushido unit. It might be a coincidence but it seems to drop out when I get out of my seat so maybe my body blocks the Bluetooth signal.

When erg mode drops out it becomes extremely difficult to pedal and then just drops to no resistance. Very annoying. Erg mode eventually kicks back in but then drops out again relatively regularly and randomly. Makes doing intervals in training mode very difficult.

Given Ant+ doesn’t work with the iOS system I can’t use my Bluetooth exention cable to get the dongle closer to the unit so I am baffled as to how I can fix the issue.

I love Zwift so would be grateful to get some feedback on how to fix the issue.

(. DrNorm) #12

This has clearly been a significant issue for some time that has a MAJOR impact on functionality and usefulness. Given that there is a very limited number of “courses” and I use my trainer almost exclusively for ERG workouts, this may end up being a problem that ultimately causes many Zwift users to “give up” and move on to a different platform.

Clearly, Zwift has been growing it’s user base (based on the “road closure” alerts I receive) so there are bound to be growing pains… BUT, if they lose users who find that the software is just “too buggy” or unreliable, then the total number of users may stop growing and even begin to shrink as word gets out that Zwift doesn’t really "work: and new users get bored with the limited course options and move on to something else.

Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely love doing structured, ERG workouts on Zwift but I no longer “just ride” since my “trainer time” is for highly specific training and when I want to “just ride” I’d prefer to do that outdoors. Perhaps I am a very small minority of users who are serious cyclists… but don’t think so? I do know that some of the people who were using Zwift when I started are no longer using it. I would suspect it is probably a combination of boredom from “same old course” and/or “too many technical problems”.

For me, my primary interest is structured workouts in ERG mode (since course doesn’t really matter, boredom/redundancy is not really an issue)- but if ERG mode doesn’t work (and the iOS app to control is REALLY, REALLY unreliable and loses connection repeatedly and often fails to control workout) then I will have no choice but to look for alternatives.

(The Penski) #13

Yes it quite annoying - if I’m doing a workout, and need to reach the fan to adjust it higher, or if im watching a TV Show and want to resize the window or change the volume…


…I know that I have about 2 seconds to do it, otherwise the whole block will be ruined when ERG is disabled. For me I can cope…i can adjust the gears and output the required power, but my wife who is a complete beginner and doesn’t understand gears and erg just yet, for her its a nightmare.

(S notRocket) #14

Similar issue using the CycleOps Hammer. Workout has blocks which include six 2 minute intervals at 265W. Every 2 minutes there’s a 20 second burst at 430W. If I don’t jump my wattage above the 430W the it fails to adjust the resistance to that target and the harder I try to get there only results in me pushing a 130+ cadence with power not getting out of the 300+ range- then the next issue kicks in - trying to get back to 265W at the end of the 20 seconds when at 130+ cadence the Hammer reads 0 W, and disengages ERG mode for the next block with no way to manually re-engage it. This may seem like a small problem, but this only occurs when you’re transitioning from one block of a workout to another - that is, when you need the recovery most because your heart is beating out of your chest & you’re gasping for air - I’m counting on the ERG mode to keep me on target, and it’s not. I’ve experienced this issue most on workouts with big jumps in wattage or cadence - please Zwift, find a way to better control this - it’s a workout-killer.

(The Penski) #15

Update - With the new update yesterday, finally ERG mode does actually switch back on!

“ERG resume made slightly easier to trigger in workout mode”

The text leads me to believe the functionality was always there, but now it’s been made easier to trigger? For me, and I suspect several others in this thread, it never ever re-triggered. First time I have seen it resume is after the update.

(Steven Hoste) #16

For me it did resume before the update: the trigger was the start of a new interval.

(The Penski) #17

My bad - it did resume on the next block for me too.

(Matt Owen) #18

I’m still having this issue, using a Kickr with ios on ipad…trying a structured workout (SST) and it drops out straight away, leaving me spinning with no hope of if starting again…  Happened 4 x in two days (I tried re-starting the workout) but still happened…  I gave up ad went back to TrainerRoad, where I’ll stay for the time being…very annoying…

(Steve Crawford (B) KLCC.) #19

I have the same issues with erg dropping out, but in my case it seems to be very random in the middle of a steady pace effort. and takes 5 -10 seconds for erg to recover. and usually 3 x within one workout, at this point I then give up and quit the workout. this has happened in every workout over the last three consecutive days.

(Pierre Leblanc) #20

I experiment similar problem The ERG mode works well for the first 15 to 20 minutes and then is disabled and never come back. I can move higher than 300 watts any longer.I used Zwift for more than a year without any problems. The issues started over the last two weeks. This is very annoying.

I tried the Tacx Neo of my brother and got the same problems. 

Is there a fix? what is the corrective action