ERG mode (stuck on)

Hi all,

There seems to be a bug where I’m effectively stuck in what used to be known as “ERG mode” all the time. There’s no change in the resistance of the of the Wahoo trainer, meaning I can stay in one gear the entire time to do my session. I haven’t selected this mode and don’t anymore see a toggle to deactivate this mode.

Bug duration: 3-6 months

Any help is greatly appreciated

Please check in game if your „Trainer Difficulty“ is set higher than 0.

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Confirmed it’s higher than 0. I usually always have it around 50% or higher.
I did a restart today of both phone/companion, computer and repaired sensors, today the resistance worked (erg-disabled). However it’s a coin-toss. I won’t know until I ride and 90% of the time it’s stuck in Erg-mode even when “trainer difficulty” is set above zero.