ERG Mode Résistance delay

Greetings, Charly’s post gave me an idea. I just now deleted the knowndevices.xml and prefs.xml files, located in the Documents-Zwift folder.

I started Zwift, paired my current devices (Saris H3, HR Strap, Cadence Sensor), chose ride, and then menu and settings and updated my choices for settings.
I then rode for 10 minutes on the New York world and my Saris H3’s resistance and corresponding power (Watts) responded as expected. I’m very pleased with this result. I do not know if this will address the issues that others in this thread have experienced, but this definitely worked for me.

Ride ON…

Today I experienced this issue for the first time. Some of the power changes was significantly delayed (lost lots of stars), and in addition the actual power recorded was 3-4 watts below the target power at all times. I suspect it must have something to do with way to many Bluetooth devices involved today. I use Wahoo Kickr 5 and IPad Pro. In addition:

  • Apple AirPods
  • Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor
  • Garmin Fenix that also was connected to Kickr tracking the activity (just in case)
  • I had just before the activity used Zwift on my iPhone to plan what workout to do
  • I had used a Windows 10 PC located in the next room to download custom workouts (zwo-files) from a training service I use (wish this was possible to do on iOS). I logged of my account on the PC, but I guess there is a possibility that the Bluetooth connection to the Kickr was still active
  • In addition my wife was sitting in the next room on home office with numerous Bluetooth devices (she also has a Zwift account on the same iPad using her own sensors)

Half way through the workout I decided to pause the workout, disconnect the power source to the Kickr. Turned off Bluetooth on my phone, remove the AirPods, pair the sensors again and start riding again. After a while ERG was enabled again, and after that point everything was working as expected. So I am not sure whether it is the Kickr or Zwift that gets confused over all these bluetooth connections…