ERG Mode Résistance delay

Same problem on workouts. Lengthy delays on power ups and power downs. Started a couple of days ago when attempting the FTP Ramp Test. Occurred again today while attempting “4wk FTP Booster Week 2 Day 2 - HIT 45sec #2”. Problem seems to be related to ERG mode. No issues with riding outside of workouts. Very frustrating.

Kickr Core firmware v1.0.12 (latest)
Zwift v1.0.48638
iPad Pro 10.5” MQDT2LL/A
iOS 13.3.1

I’ve also just recently started getting this issue over the past couple of workouts, and seems to be getting increasingly worse. Started off with a few seconds delay between intervals, but increasing to up to a minute. Gets stuck on erg mode and the last power setting even when ending the workout and jumping back into a normal sim free ride. I’m using a windows laptop via bluetooth to Wahoo. Will test again later using iOS. Not sure whether it’s Zwift, the bluetooth connection or the trainer (hoping not the latter). Will also test laptop with ANT+. Definitely frustrating when still pushing 95% ftp 1 min into the recovery interval!

Tested using iOS on iPad and was behaving a lot better, however on a Ramp test this morning no erg shift on first ramp step. Was ok after a manual turn off and on of erg mode. Wouldn’t erg shift back to low watts on cool down though. I was also running a separate garmin so perhaps a bluetooth conflict.

Mismo problema
. Sin solución alguna…

I’ve solved this bug disconnecting my bluetooth AirPods from the macbook.

Could anyone check if the problem occurs unpairing the bluetooth audio device?