Erg mode problems/Kickr Snap

(Christopher Lewis) #21

I’m not sure if anybody found a solution for the Kickr Snap problem yet.   I’ve read numerous threads on this issue.   I can’t seem to get the accuracy even remotely close.   No matter how hard I pedal, I can’t break 300w.   Then in ERG mode, it will lock up so hard I can’t pedal.   In Zwift, I’m pedaling 4 mph uphill on 5% grade.  It’s frustrating.   I reached out to Wahoo and got step by step instructions.   Not only is it frustrating that they didn’t publish this info in the first place, my gut feeling is they didn’t publish because it doesn’t work.   The variations in tire pressure, heat, hub and tire type should in theory all cause a change in accuracy to a limited degree.   My accuracy is off at least 50%.   I also have read some of the Zwift responses and they lack relevancy and haven’t assisted in resolving the issue.  

The worst part is I just want to ride for an hour or two and not have to question the data or readjust the parameters constantly.   Buyer beware.  If all the threads I’ve seen were aggregated, I doubt this product would live much longer on the market place.  I’m hoping that the Kickr is better.   The response seems to be better from the online community.

(Mark Weiss (AZ)) #22

Ever since I repeated the Kickr Snap setup, doing everything in correct order: Kickr setup (10 min warmup prior to Adv Spindown) and then re-ran the Zwift FTP test ( to get a number that is accurate for my setup), I have had no further performance issues at all.

During workouts in ERG mode, I am conscientious maintain cadence within the program’s recommendations.

(Christopher Lewis) #23

Interesting to hear you worked through it.   Wahoo states you shouldn’t need to do advance spin down more than once.   They also instructed me over the phone to do a standard spindown.   I have tried your method with no success.   I’m presently standing in line at wahoo waiting for return info.   I keep going back to the point that it shouldn’t be this complicated to make it work.  I feel like I’m working with an old school Nintendo blowing the dust out of my cartridges.  Maybe I’m being unrealistic but shouldn’t it should just work out of box (after settings saved).

(Donna Braswell) #24

I switched to a different platform and I don’t have anymore of the irregularities with tension on my KICKR.

(Mark Weiss (AZ)) #25

Switching the computer platform sounds like a good thing to try. Since, in general, the Snap seems to work well right out of the box (if you follow directions as I did not) the problem may well be elsewhere.

When I contacted Wahoo tech support they were quite helpful, assisted me in undoing the mistakes that I had made, and even checked back with me a few days later to make sure that things were working properly.

(Donna Braswell) #26

The Z wasn’t a good fit for me anyway. :slight_smile:

(Songserm Th.) #27

I have just bought Kickr Snap in Thailand and  I found the same problem. 

I have done many advance and standard spindowns but it didn’t help.

I’ve used BKOOL and TACX Vortex smart without any problems like this.

When I switched to Kickr Snap with ERG mode enabled, 150 watts from Kickr Snap is something like 250 watts on my Garmin Vector! 

I don’t think that this is caused from Zwift because I have tried others programs (Trainneroad, Perfpro, Bkool and Wahoo app) and they all had the same problems.

I have just been asked from Wahoo support team to submit my power reading data between Wahoo app and Garmin Vector. 

I’m waiting for the update from them. 

I think that this is a firmware issue.  

(Donna Braswell) #28

You could very well be correct. Switching helped me. Indoor training in these various app’s is so incredibly cool and way beyond even 2 years ago but there are kinks to be worked out. 

(James Roth ZVA) #29

I also have this problem. The power coming from my Kickr Snap is about half the what my Stages is reading.

Since the power readings through the Wahoo Android and iOS apps match what Zwift is displaying, I don’t think it’s a Zwift issue.

This thread was started 10 months ago and no resolution from Wahoo, anybody?


Hi, I’ve just bought a kickr snap and am having the same problem in Trainerroad. I have not tried erg mode in Zwift but simulation mode works fine. This morning I got on the trainer for an erg mode workout and the resistance went from just wrong (but rideable) to random / impossible to turn the pedals. I understand how to use erg mode but there was clearly an error here. I have read a bit more and there is a link above to another thread on this issue - a possible cause mentioned there is interference from other bluetooth controlling sources (i.e. phone apps) causing erg mode to break. I did indeed have my phone on and was using the wahoo app this morning - anyway I will try with all bluetooth switched off apart from on the computer and revert to see if that helps - perhaps you could try the same? 

(James Roth ZVA) #31

Wahoo support had me repeat the advanced spindown, adding 1/4 turn each time, until the spindown was under 15 seconds. Then don’t do advanced again, do normal spindown. It took almost 4 full turns to get the advanced spindown under 15 seconds. I still need to evaluate the erg results, but the power results were much closer to my Stages.




Just to update you on progress since this morning - I have updated the firmware tonight to v2.1.6 using my wife’s iphone. I then did an advanced spindown. I have also connected with her iphone to the trainer and tested out erg mode - it worked ~perfectly~ in erg mode for the first time since I got the trainer on wednesday


I will try again on my android phone (xperia z) using the app and then in trainerroad and zwift - hopefully the firmware upgrade has fixed this really frustrating issue


(Songserm Th.) #33

Updated!! Actually, I was about to take the Snap back for warranty claim. What I have done is; - Used USB extension cable and tried to turn off any other bluetooth devices. - Updated to beta firmware 2.1.6 as advised by Wahoo support. - Tried other programs like Trainerroad, PerfPro, CVT. All of these didn’t work! I ended up went back to 2.1.5 official firmware and did advance calibration but this time using iPad. It worked!! Now the power reading is very comparable to my Garmin Vectors. I have no problem about too high resistance anymore. I think the problem is about something call “brake value”

(Christopher Lewis) #34

I just wanted to submit a follow up for those that might still be struggling with the issue.   I contacted wahoo 3x’s regarding the issue and received different instructions 3x.   I did that in addition to trying everybody else’s method on the various forums I’ve found with this wide spread issue.   I have since returned my kickr snap and received a kickr instead.   Immediately I noticed the accuracy of the system was on target.   Going up hills I was able to accelerate and saw my watts rise proportionally.   I realize some people figured out the magic formula of the snap.   I can tell you without question it was not worth the headache of redoing spin downs, tire pressure, friction measurements, tightening and rechecking before every ride.   I’m glad that’s over.   I hope the people here have more success than I did.   See you on the road… virtual or real.

(�TresSesenta Rodillo Dos) #35

Does anyone have any problem with the recent update 2.2.51… since I upgraded I can´t keep a steady power… it has up and downs in the same second. I contacted wahoo if they now about it but they do not know anything regarding this. Could anyone help me? it is getting pretty anoying

(K DR (VEKTA)) #36

1 week from getting a SNAP. 2 nights in ZWIFT. Power - all over the place. Speed - way lower! On the 53, half way down the block would usually see me spinning 85RPM and 20 plus on the flat - KICKR says 14mph. I end up putting in loads more effort and getting more disheartened! So - advanced spindown and ERG on 2m night to check and then it’s WAHOO support. SNAP also seems to vibrate at about 15mph when just turning the wheels. Why do I think there’s an issue? Down hill - 18mph at out!! Tried FullGaz also and compared to my garmin - 3-4mph out on FullGaz. I can average 17mph over 50 miles which isn’t tour pace but on ZWIFT, I’m lucky to hit 16mph over 16 miles!! Calibration and FW issue or do ZWIFT sell legs?

(Iain Curtis) #37

I have had my SNAP since Christmas and whilst it appears to be working OK I keep getting errors when trying to perform a spindown.  This appears to have happened since upgrading the firmware at the end of January. The Andriod Wahoo apps (Fitness and Utility) both just crash and will not complete a spindown at all, whilst the IOS version for iPhone worked once but now won’t complete the spindown either, so this means I have no way of really knowing how accurate the power readings are on each ride…very frustrating! I have been in contact with Wahoo and they have given me various “fixes” or things to try from cleaning the sensor to switching it off for 10 mins and then trying again… not great when you want to join a race! Not sure what to do now?

(Mark Weiss (AZ)) #38

When I had issues with my Kickr Snap after a firmware update I contacted Wahoo and they talked me through a process to return to the earlier version of firmware. That solved my problems. I’ve been using the Android control application.

(�TresSesenta Rodillo Dos) #39

But just one early version right? I tried at least to go back to 2.0.27 (the only one that worked to me) but I cannot have. Does anyone knows any way to do it?

(julius wall) #40

is anyone with the new latest firmware having issues with Erg mode having issues? Before this latest firmware update it worked perfectly now it is barely usable how do I role the firmware back?