ERG mode - Power too high in workout mode

  • Zwift on MacOS
  • Latest updates
  • Bkool Pro trainer and a Quarq power meter.
  • Workout mode (workouts coming in from Trainingpeaks)

Since the update, power resistance levels during intervals are running a consistent 8-10W or higher than they were before the update. No changes have been made to the either trainer or the power meter, and things have been rock solid on this front since I started using Zwift back in November. 

Smells like a bug may have gotten through somewhere.

I dont know if I understand the question but Did you increase your FTP?


The issue is that the trainer resistance has been getting consistently set higher than it should be since the most recent update. IE, if my workout says 245W, the resistance is getting set closer to 255 -  260W. It’s less noticeable at lower power levels, but starting about the 80-90% FTP range it’s quite noticeable.