ERG Mode power too high compare to target

I running running Zwift on Windows 10 with Tacx Neo smart trainer. When doing a workout in ERG mode, zwift control the power at target but the real value is 20-23 watts too high. Per example, the set point is 300W, Zwift display 300W as actual power. However, my crank power meter displays 330W; I know 330W is right because I feel it and HR correspond as well. Then if I stop, re-engage ERG mode, the control is back to normal. This happens a few times per ride.

I have noticed this today as well. Only thing that had changed in my setup is Zwift version. I’m using elite trainer quarq power meter. Cadence and power is quarq, controllable elite.

If target is say 250 W then quarq power meter is reading 270 280 W and load is not coming down at constant cadence via feedback loop. The only way to get down to 250W is take the bias down to 90 percent. Which is not ideal.

So Zwift is there any way to control ERG feedback loop?