ERG Mode offset weirdness

I made a custom work out yesterday and rode it today. The resistance took a long time to kick in after 2nd interval. After that it seemed to add about 30 seconds to a minute before the resistance would change.

For example, my 4th set was supposed to go from 50% of FTP to 108% at 18min but ti didn’t kick up to 108% until about 19:30. ERG mode eventually said it was disabled but it’d still hold the 50% FTP. Then, when it decided to ramp back up to 108%, ERG mode said it was re-enabling.

By the end, I had no idea what interval I was on because they were starting so late. Also because the sets were longer.

Here’s my setup. Firmware and apps are up to date:
Platofrm: Apple TV
Trainer: Saris H3

Maybe this is an issue with te H3 over bluetooth? I know there are problems calibrating it in zwift. Have to use the Saris app. I have an email chain with zwift support about that.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Did you resolve this - I am having identical issues using an H3 except that I am not using Apple TV but an iPad?