Erg mode not working through companion

Thanks Mike. I can confirm that the Zwift app on my iPhone is v 3.19.1 The app on my Apple TV is v1.0.57818 (released 26 Oct 2020). Both appear to be up to date. I can also confirm Apple TV is up to date as well.

Great, just make sure you are force closing the app and if you sometimes use your phone to run the game, make sure you save and exit or trashcan the ride. Don’t just hit the home button on the phone. Multiple log ins without the corresponding log outs can cause issues. I have heard from many Apple TV users that you should force close the app after each use to avoid buggy behavior.

All very helpful Mike. I can confirm that i do “save” each ride to exit the app. Reading other forums it appears this ERG issue has been going on for awhile. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Just a thought…
Try going into the Wahoo App, check your device connections in that app, and perform a spindown in there.
Otherwise, when your pair in Zwift, try doing so by not selecting the circle that says ‘PAIR USING COMPANION APP’ and see if ERG works then.
Good luck

Did you get it to work reliably? I am still having the issue of intermittent ERG control of the kicker through the CA. Sometimes it works right away. Sometimes it starts working reliably a couple minutes into the ride. Sometimes it refuses to work, with me pairing/unpairing, closing out apps, restarting appleTV and everything. Again… this is a bug since the last update.

I never got it to work reliably. Finally gave up trying to use CA and just dropped one sensor in order to connect direct to ATV. No HR, but ERG mode is solid. Next trainer will have built in cadence to avoid the problem completely— but the SNAP should last a few more years so it’ll be while.

Good luck, and keep me posted on whether Zwift addresses your situation… post a ticket and they will engage tech support on your case.