Erg mode not working through companion

I have an ERG problem. Using Wahoo snap trainer. Using BT sensors for HR and CAD, so go through an iPad running Companion. But if trying to do an erg mode workout power isn’t controlled… erg mode is broken. if I drop the HR sensor and just use the 2 BT channels (CAD and SNAP) and do NOT use Companion as a bridge ERG mode works perfectly. So my conclusion is a bug with the BT bridge in Companion when in ERG mode.

Anyone have a fix for this problem (besides dropping HR - which might be the most practical solution for now)?

p.s. I have a second setup through another apple 4k box. it uses ant+ sensors with a NPE CABLE to transmit Bluetooth stream to ATV - that works fine. (but tried using 2 CABLEs and that’s a disaster with mixed up signals)


I am having same issue of BT connectivity and Wahoo Kickr with companion app, on iOS and appleTV. Kickr BT light locks on and no resistance control when using companion. When just using Zwift (on either Apple TV, iPhone, or IPad, controlling the Kickr works and the BT light on Kickr flashes).


Asked for Zwift technical support ticket to be opened…I’ll post if they offer a solution

Same here, although I didn’t try AppleTV Zwift without companion.

I have the following, all in the latest OS & firmware:

Kickr Core
Apple TV
iPhone XS Max
Wahoo Tickr

ERG workouts on AppleTV + Companion = no ERG control. It’s exactly like ERG is turned off.

ERG workouts on iPhone = works fine.

All of this worked last week. Since then, I have upgraded the phone from iOS 14.0.1 to iOS 14.1. I don’t know if that iOS upgrade is what broke this.

I have been unable to open a ticket. Phone gets a recording. Chat gets a nobody available message. I submitted my email address to initiate support snd have received no response.

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I did manage to post a ticket, but never got an answer. Just some boilerplate suggestions for debugging… as if Zwift support never even read what I sent them. Very disappointing. This is not typical of response in the past, so Zwift support must be overloaded???

My setup is more complicated than most, because we have 2 trainers side by side…this creates other ugly problems with sensors getting possessed by the wrong setup, etc… so I try to run ANT+ to CABLE to ATV on one setup, and BT through Companion on setup 2. So switching to direct BT to ATV on setup 2 caused another problem …

I’m not holding my breath about Zwift fixing this…I wish ATV could accept more BT inputs so Companion bridge wouldn’t be needed…

I’m seeing the same ERG problem.
Kickr Snap, AppleTV, Companion app, cadence and HR are all latest S/W versions and 30 feet line of sight to wifi router. We’re still riding outdoors but used the free 25km yesterday. My wife did kickr spindown then rode and Erg mode was terrible. I looked up the Wahoo factory spindown then did the SST (Short) workout. Erg mode was still practically useless. I paused the workout for a few minutes to get water and when I restarted the workout Zwift flashed a message that I didn’t completely catch:
“Re-(something-ing) ERG Mode”. After that Erg mode was working perfectly.
What did the zwift app perform there? Could it be related to the problem other users are seeing? Will pausing a workout and getting the ‘Re-…’ message be a workaround? The weather is supposed to be good for the next week here so I won’t need to restart my zwift subscription. Maybe others can test this.

I’m guessing that Zwift flashed a message temporarily disabling ERG mode…that’s what it does if you stop pedaling…it has to because when you slow down the force you need to exert to hold constant watts becomes impossible. ERG mode doesn’t work well below 100 watts. Don’t know why it started working for you, unless you switched from using Companion to bridge BT connections. In my setup the bridge never works in ERG mode – consistently. If I drop a sensor, like HR, I can’t skip Companion and run BT direct thru Apple TV – then ERG mode works fine.

The message I saw was after pressing Play > (on the Companion app) to resume the workout. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s soon time for us to renew our Zwift subscriptions for the winter but it would be nice to know if we have a trainer, zwift, network or AppleTV problem going in. This ‘new’ way of running everything through Companion doesn’t seem as stable as the old 2 + 1 way on Apple TV. I hope your way or the Pause/Play sequence works again.

I’ll have to try your “fix” by pausing in ERG mode and resuming with PLAY in Companion. Maybe that’s a workaround for a software bug… I wish Zwift would engage with people who have been reporting this issue for a while now. They make it hard to issue a support ticket these days… just so you know before renewing!

My problem disappeared within a few days with software version upgrades to Zwift on Apple TV and Zwift Companion on iPhone.

I also wonder if iOS 14.1 broke my ability to connect the Heartrate monitor (No Signal message) through Companion App. Erg mode is now so intermittent and doesn’t work at all if I connect my heart rate by turning off the Connect via Companion App button. It was all working reasonably fine until the latest Zwift update - and I only updated for the silly Halloween effects! Bah. Previously, if ERG mode wasn’t working in a workout, (you can tell if it’s broken when the Bluetooth light on the trainer is on solid and not flashing), a quick power re-start of the Kickr Snap would fix this.
Something is broken… iPhone, AppleTV or Companion App… :frowning:

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I also have the exact same problem. I have lost the ability to access ERG mode via my set-up. I use wahoo kickr, iPhone, appleTV, and zwift thru companion app (as instructed) so I can access all three sensors (HR, cadence, & watts). ERG mode just doesn’t appear anymore, used to work perfectly some 3-4 weeks ago.
I’ve tested by bypassing appleTV and using zwift app (not ZC app) on my phone, and ERG mode does appear.
So it appears to be a zwift companion app issue that has recently appeared …no help from zwift after several days of attempts.

by the way, I’ve also tried appleTV and ZC app using only 2 sensors rather than 3, so it appears not to be an issue of maxing out on sensors thru ZC app.

I don’t have the problem of ERG not appearing, it doesn’t work reliably. You might try uninstalling and reinstalling Companion… seems like a software version issue???

I appear to have found the solution, will need to test it and determine whether it is a true, consistent solution.

On the Paired Device connections page, I now need to also need to connect the “Controllable” in addition to the Power Source, that alone brings back ERG mode……for me.

Yes… both source and controllable must be selected. Let me know if ERG works for you through Companion bridge. And network must match between ATV and Companion too!

How to pair your smart trainer


Yes, since I have a Kickr 2014 and use ATV, I run everything thru the Companion app on iphone (rather than splitting devices between the ATV and Companion app), which also requires setting the connection thru Companion app rather than directly thru BLT connection.

With this set-up, somehow my ERG had been lost over the last month or so.

Finally, ERG is recovered and working fine with the simple change of making sure the Controllable is connected as well as the Power, HRM, and Cadence. That was the trick for me, presumably some software update made this adjustment necessary.

I have the same issue with the same setup.
Wahoo Kickr,
Apple TV
Zwift Companion app
WIFI (very strong signal and no connection issues)
Follow the setup as shown by GPLama - and yes Kicks is connected to the “Controller”.

For the past month when riding a structured workout in ERG mode, it would take 10 minutes or so for the ERG function to actually work. But lately, it either never engages or locks in the ERG at some random wattage, e.g. 330w or 110w, for the entire workout. Thus Zwift is useless for structured workouts (or Academy Tri workouts, etc.)

I put in a ticket with Zwift, but like others, no response at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Or, any recommendations on other programs?


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do you force close the Zwift app on Apple TV after each use? Is it updated?

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