Erg mode issues Elite Direto XR

Since the last update I have experienced issues with structured training in Erg mode with my Elite Direto XR.

The issue starts immediately during warmup. The trainer is simply not dropping the resistance, so where my target would be 135W, at a sensible cadence I am running say 250W or higher. Previously in ERG mode the resistance would drop to allow me to maintain cadence. In my recent two workouts this has not happened. I tried toggling Erg mode on/off through companion app and nothing.

This time around I stopped pedalling, to get the auto erg mode disable. Then started pedalling again to re-engage erg mode. Did this a couple of times and finally managed to get Erg mode to engage correctly. Note this is not the spiral of death - I am always well over the target power and simply not getting the trainer to drop resistance to allow me to hold a sensible cadence.


I am having the same exact problem with my Direto XR. I am running zwift on an android 13 device with trainer and hrm connected via bluetooth. I have reported problem to zwift support and they are looking into it. If you find a solution please let me know. Thanks!

I came back after a break and I am having the same problem. After riding for some time (usually warmup), I have to overshoot the target power by a large margin to be able to maintain a sensible cadence (e.g. target 160w, must maintain 200w). I am also using Elite Direto XR, and running Zwift on gaming laptop (windows 11) connected to the trainer via bluetooth.