ERG mode doesnt work with Neo and apple tv

I could easily maintain the cadence and the power for given session. ERG mode just didn’t start on random (short) interval block notifying me that it’s temporarily disabled and didn’t restarted after notification on consistent pedaling or something like that. In addition to that, when I was trying to hit the target power the resistance stuck on that level and I could barely spin that “gear” and it persisted even when I quit Zwift.
I did free ride - group ride sequence on Tuesday and everything worked fine for the whole workout with the same configuration. I’ll do it tomorrow either to investigate the problem more.

Understood - That’s clearly another problem. Not experienced that myself.

Update fixed the issue with my rig. Just made it through a 60 minute workout with no glitches. Riding on a CycleOps Hammer.

Using Ant+ dongle instead of BLE solved the problem for me. Did a 100 km ride today and interval session with ERG-mode yesterday - everything went flawlessly.

This weekend I went from a Freeride straight into a Group Workout (with ERG) without restarting Zwift and I did not have any ERG issues. Not sure if this is a one off. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Great to hear Clive! @Sergi have you gotten a chance to test with BLE any time recently?

Hey @Vincent ! No I haven’t tried the BLE yet and frankly speaking not sure if I do because I’m not experiencing any problems with the ERG mode and don’t want to get frustrated any more :slight_smile:

tested again on Sat 1st December. Two group workouts - ERG worked for both no problem. However I have noted a feature that in the pen waiting for start of group workout, in that ERG is set to the first workout level, makes it harder to warm up sometimes if the first is set higher (based on your FTP), many where complaining and didn’t understand that ERG could be turned of in companion app.