ERG mode doesnt work with Neo and apple tv

hi i am using apple tv 4K and a tacx Neo and everything has worked perfectly untill recently…
usually i log in and ride in freeride mode 10-15 min before i am leading a workout session and just let the program drag me to the starting pen and this works great but sometimes when the workout starts i feel no resistance changing whatsoever ? i just feels like i am in freeride even though everywhere it says the ERG is on and the only thing that works is to force close the zwift app which kicks me out of the workout and then cant get back in :frowning:
only thing i see different is that the 4 times it has happened i actually left my trainer and zwift connected ingame for a few minutes while i went in the house for something

i am facing the same problem with the same setup. For me usually 30min or so into the free ride and the ERG mode kind of like turned off. I have to force quite the app, restart and resume the ride to get the ERG mode back again.

I’m having the same issue with a KICKR Core. I thought it might be from connecting my devices through the iPhone app.

If I run Zwift on an iPad everything works fine.

Same issue for me with a CycleOps Hammer

this seems to be getting worse :frowning:
last night i was again leading the wednesday workout for Danish Bike Riders and actually didnt log in untill just before the start so no warming up or Trainer idling but No resistance/ERG for me so had to do the workout in freeride ??

is you guys at zwift doing something to correct this issue because its getting useless this way

Perhaps this will solve your problem:

i did find and read that thread and actually thought that was my problem because i had 2 loss off ERG where i stopped and ran inside to get something and my HRM was offcourse out of range but the last 2 times nothing went out of range and nothing was idling
also i noticed last night that if i stopped pedaling it didnt say ERG disabled as it allways did before but still felt like ERG was trying to controll a little but couldnt do it anyway so i had to hit the wattage targets myself

Just so you know, I too am on Neo and Apple TV 4K.

Curious, do you shutdown Zwift completely between sessions? I always completely shutdown Zwift and manually put the Apple TV in sleep mode. I cannot be sure, but not completely shutting down Zwift could be an issue especially if the Apple TV goes into sleep mode. Who knows what state Zwift ends up in after going into and out of sleep mode. :grin:

Also, there were some complaints of the Apple TV not reconnecting to wireless after coming out of sleep mode, but I have never had that problem. Perhaps, it was with an earlier version of Zwift or TV OS.

It may not fix anything, but a power cycle of your Apple TV sure won’t cause any more problems. After updating apps, the TV OS, etc., a power cycle is probably a good idea.

yep i force shutdown zwift after every use and on top off that i unplug all devices including apple tv after every use to save power and because all is placed in paincave in my garage

i have created a zwift support ticket and awaits an answer

workaround I’ve found for this is not to go from freeride/other events into group workouts needing ERG. Exit Zwift after warmup (freeride), kill App (swipe up), restart Zwift and then log back in and join event immediately without turning pedals. ERG then works fine.

gotta try that even though it is a stupid workaround and just bound to fail when one have to do that just before an event :frowning:
and everything has been working perfect for the last year so they have broken something somewhere

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Hey @frank_Andreasen I see you sent in a support conversation, and thank you for the details! Although this seems similar to the bug we caught here (BLE Resistance Issues (Mainly on iOS Devices)) can you see what happens if you ride without your heart rate monitor paired? I know it may not be ideal but it can give us some extra information.

i can try that on next weeks workout event
just did our zone 2 social ride tonight and went for a warmup before and let zwift take me to startline and resistance was there just fine in Sim mode
it seems to me like it is only in ERG mode in workouts the issue shows up

Alright sounds good! I’m also curious if your issue will be fixed in the newest update with the BLE resistance fix.

@Vincent I also watch to see if this long standing issue (that I also previously raised a ticket for - you blamed tacx, tacx blamed you!), gets fixed with BLE issue.

when will next update be ready ??

Hey @frank_Andreasen the newest updates are out now. Can you update if you’re still having trouble with ERG mode? @Clive_King @_Fer_Fox_Sakes @Jimmy_Soh @NSC

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Hey Vincent,

I’ve updated in the morning before the training session and the ERG-mode failed twice during the group ride. It has been working properly 10 min warmup and 5 min interval, however was “temporarily disabled” on 30 sec on 30 sec off and the resistance locked so it was really hard to keep pedaling. I’ve quit Zwift and rebooted the trainer, reconnected to the ride and had the same sequence, however one of the short interval sessions gone well and on the second one ERG-mode switched off again.
I’ve never had such issue before. I’m using 2018 macbook pro and BLE connection. Neo firmware is the latest. Last season I’ve connected via Ant and everything worked fine so I’m going to try this configuration and also remove the battery from the power meter so it won’t try to connect to Zwift as well. I don’t know if wireless headphones could possibly affect the connection.

Nope, not fixed, I had issue this morning, again after 30 mins into group workout.

I did solo workout yesterday, worked fine after update.

Group workout today, failed after 30mins. Is there is a difference in ERG solo vs group workout?

My setup, all latest firmware, software etc.

KICKR 2017
iPhone 6s IOS 12.1 (Zwift Companion latest, using Zwift Link to connect BLE devices to AppleTV)

The AppleTV seemed to have lost all BLE connections, but Companion App was still working, I was still receiving messages from other Zwifters on workout. I have Zwift ticket open, maybe someone can take a look at the log from the ride today?

Didn’t see this issue last winter, same hardware config, something with recent Zwift updates has broken.

within a workout ERG will auto switch off it you cannot maintain the Watts for given interval. That is normal behaviour. Yes they can be hard and if you drop your cadence will feel impossible. Keep the cadence up to complete the 30s interval and erg will not drop. This is different to the issue we are seeing whereby ERG is lost completely in a group workout (does not start enabled). I’ve yet to test this going from freeride then to ‘group’ workout to see if it still exists.