ERG mode didn't turn off for last 4 sprints in ZA WO2

I did Workout 2 today, and for the first 2 sprints, the ERG mode cut out correctly, so I was able to actually do the sprints. The last 4 sprints however, it didn’t cut out so I was left spinning my wheels. Anyone else have this issue? I don’t see it in the list of known issues.

I’m running on a macbook, with a kickr gen 1

I had a similar problem ON STAGE 2 ACADAMY. On some of the first sprints, I just spun out with minimal power output. I did t consider it might be an erg mode issue,I wondered if it was to do with trainer feel setting.
I changed the trainer feel slider across to full for the last sprints and they worked properly. May have been coincidental. Im using a kikr core and apple TV.

Same happened to me and someone else. I’ve posted on one of the other ZA issues threads with a pic showing the lack of power on the session review.

Same problem for me - using a KICKR with iPad - just updated the firmware on the KICKR and will see if that fixes it. Got stuck in erg mode after only one sprint interval.