Erg Mode bug wahoo kickr bike going into a race

Bug on Wahoo Kickr bike exiting ERG mode post workout when going straight into a race.

Did the ineos pre race workoit. 1 min later the race started… stuck in ERG capped 110w limit in a B race. Game over

Hi @Andrew_Isaacs1

I’m a tech support agent with the Zwift support team, and I was able to pull your Apple TV Zwift log files (we get those from the cloud on our side).

I noticed the date and time stamp for your most recent logs shows as February 22, 2022. The issue is that the logs should have shown February 27, 2022 instead, which was the date of your last Zwift app session (e.g. the one where you did the Ineos workout, then loaded into the EVO CC Sprint Race Series event).

When we see these incorrect dates in the logs, it typically means that the Zwift app on your Apple TV was left running in the background (for several days in this case) and wasn’t force closed between your Zwift app sessions. Leaving the app running in the background for days on end and not force closing it between Zwift app sessions can oftentimes result in buggy behavior like what you observed when swapping from the Ineos workout to a race event.

My suggestion to you would be to force close Zwift more regularly (at least daily) as a preventive measure to help mitigate bugs and issues. You can find more information about force closing Zwift in this article.