ERG mode bug in workout


I did the “12wk Winter plan (advanced) Week 10 Day 2” workout.

On the 5min interval starting at 65 minutes, the display kept telling me to increase power, but ERG mode didn’t adjust the trainer (Kicker). ERG mode started functioning correctly at the next transition.



You should open a support ticket for this.  It doesn’t really sound like a feature request.


Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you are right, its a bug report. Unfortunately though, you don’t seem to have an easily accessible “report a bug” place. I did google “zwift bug report” first and didn’t find anywhere obvious to report it.

So perhaps the first feature request is “an easy place for motivated customers to provide useful feedback on things that aren’t quite right”?

At the moment on your menu under “Support” you have

But none of those links lead to an obvious place to report a bug.

Perhaps part 2 of the feature request is a system that allows you to automatically move a post from 'feature requests" to “bug reports”? Its just a change of category isn’t it?

Part 3 of the feature request could be “a team that understands that customers that like your product enough to spend their time providing useful feedback on something that isn’t quite right for them are gold dust and asking them to work out what to do next and spend even more time isn’t going to make them more likely to be helpful”? (In other words, you could at least have posted a link to where I would open a support ticket even if you couldn’t be bothered to convert it yourself).

Anyway, for the moment I’ll keep using trainerroad, for any serious workouts as I have never had an issue with that (exact same hardware).



Why do you say “you”?  I did not create the Zwift community.  You posted to the community.

Next, what you are looking for isn’t a bug report.  In answer to your “easy place for motivated customers to provide useful feedback on things that aren’t quite right” you want to go to, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Submit a Ticket”, under the giant “Need Help” text.

To your part 3, as stated, this forum you posted in is part of the community.  I am not part of the Zwift team - those people who are are indicated in community message.  Your message indicates you’re not familiar with how the online community works.  I wrongfully assumed that since you had to come through the site, and then login, in order to post your request, that you would have seen the prominent link on that page for opening a ticket.  My apologies.  

I have a KICKR and a KICKR Snap as well.  No issues with it.  Make sure you don’t have the Wahoo app controlling the KICKR, and when you start the workout make sure ERG mode is selected.

Another link.  First one on the list when I searched for “erg kickr”

cheers to you.  Good luck with whatever you end up doing.