ERG issue on workout plans delayed changes

Hi All,

First time post and apologies if the answer exists elsewhere and I could not find it. Currently on a training program but I have noticed this issue happening across 2 different programs and individual sessions within those plans…

When I the rider am working in a plan with ERG switched on and the instructions in the session change from XWatts at Y RPM to ZWatts at W RPM it will sometimes take the ERG an in-determined amount of time to change to the lower 2nd wattage. Even for example in a cool down it will take the ERG over a minute to react and change to what is prescribed in the plan. I’ve tried at times to change gears to lower the watts and the ERG will bring the resistance back to Xwatts for 60 seconds +.

Any help to rectify would be appreciated.

Trainer: Wahoo Kickr Snap
Mac OS : 10.15.7
Zwift Bluetooth connection to iOS companion app