ERG droupouts

Hi there all, been zwifting for a few years and barely ever get a dropout. Maybe once a month. This evening I was doing a workout and ERG kept fropping out every few mins for initially a few secs but later on the workout (about 40 mins in) it cut out for 20 secs re activated and then didn’t re connect.
No hardware changes at all, using ANT+ and a windows 10 gaming spec PC (i5, 32Gb Ram, 1660 super, m2 ssd) and a Tacx Flux S.
Any ideas?

Hello @Peter_Gregg, welcome to the forums.

Are you getting a full drop out, no watts or anything registered by Zwift, or is it just ERG mode dropping off and going back to sim mode?

Full dropout, rider slowing to a stop, then the old hold to re enable ERG message.

Well, lots of things can interfere with the signal. Any changes to the environment that you can think of? Even adding/moving a fan around can cause issues. Every time my wife uses the microwave I get a short dropout. can help identify issues if you drop a log file there.

Nothing at all, going to try again tomorrow, maybe the neighbours were doing something. Really odd as previosly stated never really have issues