Equipment Missing From My Garage

Has anyone else had equipment (in this case a bike) disappear from their garage. I purchased the Cannondale Evo from the Drop Shop just prior to the TDZ Stage 3 mountain climbs and rode it regularly up until TDZ Stage 6 (Jungle and Gravel Loops). For Stage 6, I switched to the mountain bike. When I went to switch back to the Evo for the Feb Fondo ride the following day, the Evo was gone. But get this, in its place is the Specialized Allez which I’ve never bought. Weird as heck. Zwift says they are looking into it, but can’t guaranty they will fix it. Thing is, anyone on the Zwift team with database privileges would be able to see the 213,000 drops deduction from my account for the Evo purchase, whereas the Allez is only 127,000+-. It’s been 5 days. Still waiting for a response.