Entire Ride not recorded

I completed my first 100 mile ride today. At mile 56 my trainer lost connection with Zwift. I stayed in the ride and reset my trainer connection. I completed my 100 mile ride but Zwift only recorded 56 miles. Also the data did not upload to Strava. Has anyone else had this issue? I completed 100 miles, I have a picture to prove it. Very disappointing!!!

This would be one to reach out to Zwift Support via email about. They may be able to perform some type of behind the scene fix.

In the meantime, would you provide more details of your Zwift setup, such as trainer, connection type (BLE/ANT+), sensors used, device running Zwift etc.

Good afternoon. I use the Elite Dorito XR. I connect direct to my Apple iMac.

Maybe pringled the flywheel?


When you say you lost connection to Zwift, did you:

  • get a “Connection Failure” banner across the top of the screen or just in the top left,
  • and did you notice a lack of riders when that occurred?

What you are describing is not dissimilar to what people describe when they have a network issue between your Zwift app and Zwift servers. In the past, Zwift have not been able to do anything about restoring the full ride to your activity list but have been able to provide achievement badges in these circumstances (your 100mile badge for example), so hitting up support may be useful. Strava is likely rejecting your fit file due to the network drop which has corrupted the file.

You may find that you have fit files covering both the activity Zwift captured and what the missing portion. It is possible to join those up and push them into Strava.

Fit file info here
One of many web based tools to fix and join fit files here