Entfernungs Angaben in Zwiftpower

Hello, can you please help me! I rode a Maap tour in group A (Champ de Elysee) about 50 km. However, only 32 km appear in my profile on Zwiftpower.
I checked with other participants and it’s the same. Why ?

Hey @Ralf_Dressel, welcome to the forums

Zwiftpower struggles to cope with more than one route in an event so the distance shown relates to, in this this event, the B route . I just finished the did the C route which was 17km’s but ZP shows 32km’s as well. FYI, Zwiftpower was developed and run by by some awesome community folks some time ago and Zwift took control a couple of years back and havent enhanced it to match features they are deploying these days.

I’d suggest you use 3rd party tools to provide accurate data that you care about.

Hi Dean, thanks for your reply, now I know.
Many Thanks.