Enough with the Water Bottles! ;-)

(Jared Skolnick [GFNY]) #1

This is super minor, but enough with the water bottles already. Can we at least remove taking a drink when:

  • Leading a paceline
  • Descending at high speed
  • Sprinting
  • Attacking

Again, super minor, but sorta distracting to pump it out to overtake a rider and see my avatar taking a leisurely drink!

(Chris Pollett #twespae) #2

If this is your big issue with Zwift I think they are doing well. That said, I would like my avatar to take a leisurely drink while passing you :wink:

(Brian Hill) #3

I have noticed that I don’t think my avatar ever takes a drink, but sd the OP mentioned, I do see others take a swig every now and then. …

(Jared Skolnick [GFNY]) #4

Ha! Chris - not a big issue at all (I tried to make that clear) but I do think it’s important to give feedback (big and small) during the beta. Here’s to you taking a leisurely swig while passing me on the Island some time.

(Cason Garner) #5

My avatar had to go the med tent for hyponatremia.

(Lynette Curtiss) #6

And I would never take a drink while going uphill. My avatar does this all the time.

(Chris Pollett #twespae) #7

If you are not drinking ever on hills…you need to find some bigger hills

(Shashvat Sinha) #8

Well, if they’re adding that level of realism in the game, how about left-right handedness? Set in your preferences whether you’re left handed or right handed, and your avatar uses that hand to pick up the bottles.

(Maurice Hunter) #9

This is pretty old at this point, but what I’d like to see is the ability to manually trigger water bottle drinking. Just like the shoulder flick, or ‘toast’, or ‘ride on’. – Then it is more interactive, and yes … you can BM the guy you’re passing with a swig of the ol’ bottle :wink:

(Stephen Greene) #10

Having a preference to be reminded to drink every say, 5 miles or 15 minutes is a good idea. That reminder could be the avatar drinking or a text message. My road cycling app is set to speak stats every 5 miles, I use it as a drink reminder otherwise I’ll ride hard for 40 miles and realize I drank little water!!

(Jeff Little STT) #11

I agree with the water bottles. My wife’s avatar is constantly taking a swig to the point that it is distracting…