Enough bean burritos already!

(John Scott) #1

I’m not a huge fan or detractor of the power ups in general. That said, I hope there is an option to disable them on certain servers in the future. I do use them mostly so I can clear the slate for maybe getting more points at the next line. And sometimes it’s fun to use some of them to help catch up to some other riders to catch a draft or something but I can mostly take or leave them. However I have come to detest the bean burrito and it seems to be the most common one that I get.

When I get it I try to use it when there is no one within drafting distance of me. See, I can take or leave the power ups that give me a boost but I really don’t like using a power up that detracts from another riders effort. I’d be happy if it just went away or was replaced with a minor reward (maybe +5) or even just played a “whah whah whah whah whaaaaaa” just for fun. :smiley: Just my $.02

(Nate Robinson ZTR (C) USAC288972) #2

I want a spiked turtle shell that seeks out the current lap leader and crashes their game. Without saving a .fit file.

(D THANG) #3

lol ahhhaha Nathan that was too good. John I do the same thing with the burrito, I feel like a prick using it. Although, I have been butt blasted by other burrito holders when I’m on like lap 20 of a long ride. I have learned to chalk it up to this being a game, a very fun game. A fit file killer would make me cry tho.

(Reinier PAAUWE PelotonRacing) #4

How about a button discard the powerup?
I would discard the annoying burrito immediately. Same thing when I get a feather when there’s nothing but flats & downhill until the next power up.

(Nate Robinson ZTR (C) USAC288972) #5

Discarding power-ups is actually a pretty good one. Maybe even one similar to the burrito, “Lead Weights”- give all riders in a 5m distance 10 lbs of lead weights for 10 seconds.

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #6

The only power-up I’m fond of is the lightweight, nothing like an instant loss of the 20lbs I’m burning off :wink:

(Craig Howard WBR B) #7

I thought the same thing the other night. The rotation of the burrito is very common and I also use it ASAP just to rid it. Without sounding like a stick in the mud, I really don;t like the power-up options. For me, Zwift is so awesome and immersive as a cycle aid that adding power-ups detracts from this somewhat. 95% of Zwift is true to life and this is what makes it so appealing, the power-up just don’t happen in real life.

I’d be happy if all the power-ups were simply bonus points at varying amounts that contributed to you getting new wheels, kit, bikes etc…

(Andrew Wilmot) #8

I would generally agree I don’t like the power ups. If you’re trying beat somebody up a hill, it kinda sucks if they’ve got a feather and you’ve got a bean burrito. It should just be your legs.

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #9

Yeah, bean burritos are a little on the negative side. I’ve ridden with people where we take turns on the front using the other power ups to make it easier for the small drafting group. I’ve had to use my power ups to recover after a sprint more than once also…

(Art Garcia) #10

I agree with the users who would rather just get points toward equipment upgrades and other customizations. I like the simulation aspect of this game. Although I am not opposed to certain wheel selections being better for climbing and others more aero for higher average speed on flats and descents. Just like the real world.

(Jonathan Pait (X)) #11

It just hit me why they use a bean burrito as the “anti-drafting” power up… gross! :wink: