Enhancing Group Dynamics in Zwift Through Speed Display

In the virtual cycling realm of Zwift, where realism meets the digital landscape, the introduction of displaying the speed of the group ride leader and other participants offers several compelling benefits.

This feature, if implemented, has the potential to significantly enhance the overall group riding experience for everyone involved.

1. Improved Coordination:

  • Displaying the leader’s speed provides a visual reference for all participants, fostering a shared understanding of the group’s pace. This transparency allows riders to adjust their efforts to maintain cohesion and ensures a smoother and more organized group ride.

2. Real-time Feedback:

  • Speed visibility provides real-time feedback to riders about the pace of the group. This information allows participants to gauge their own efforts relative to the group’s speed, facilitating better pacing and reducing the likelihood of unintentional surges or slowdowns.

3. Enhanced Communication:

  • Knowing the speed of the leader enables more effective communication within the group. Leaders can convey pace adjustments or upcoming changes more precisely, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation among riders.

4. Strategic Riding:

  • Displaying individual rider speeds encourages strategic riding within the group. Participants can make informed decisions about when to conserve energy, when to contribute to the pace, and how to navigate the virtual terrain based on real-time speed data.

5. Inclusive Experience:

  • For less experienced riders or those new to group rides, the speed display feature offers a valuable learning tool. It provides a clear visual cue for understanding the expected pace, helping newcomers integrate seamlessly into the group and feel more confident during their rides.

6. Competitive Element:

  • For more competitive group rides, displaying speeds introduces an additional layer of motivation. Participants can strive to keep up with the leader or set personal speed goals, adding an exciting and dynamic element to the virtual group riding experience.

Enabling the display of the leader’s speed and that of other riders in Zwift group rides is a feature that aligns with the platform’s commitment to realism and user engagement. By enhancing coordination, communication, and the overall riding strategy, this addition has the potential to create a more immersive, enjoyable, and beneficial experience for all participants. The collective advantages contribute not only to the success of individual rides but also to the vibrancy and positive atmosphere of the Zwift community as a whole.

Just install & run Sauce (which provides the information requested) and use the Dev time on something more useful and beneficial to the masses.

I love sauce but the zwift UI is long overdue an update to bring even some of the functionality that sauce allows.


Agreed, but the UI needs a full overhaul, not tinkering to add minor items.

I use Sauce, I dont think it should be needed and it all should be native - But we are where we are as end users.

I am unable to view the speed of other Zwift users, such as kilometers per hour, in the app.

As mentioned in a previous post, there are notable advantages to displaying the speeds of fellow riders, especially the group leader, during group rides.

It would be beneficial if Zwift could establish compatibility with Techogym group cycle.

Imagine the increased interest in Zwift if individuals could seamlessly connect to the platform while participating in a class at their local gym using the Techogym group cycle bike.