Enhancement requests

Hi Zwift,

Firstly, thank you so much for the amazing experience you have built - absolutely brilliant! Started at Christmas and enjoying it more every day :sunglasses::+1:

Is this an appropriate place for a small enhancement request?

Last night I was riding in the CeramicSpeed race series and my HR dropped out. I exited via menu (still pedalling) to check Bluetooth connections but on returning to the race my power had dropped, as was I by my group!

Sane HR issue later in the race (10km to go and feeling good!) I tapped the screen and accidentally hit “End Race” instead of menu. My heart sank as there was no option to confirm and I was out!

So 2 requests:

  1. Would it be possible to check connections whilst retaining existing ones and maintaining power in ride?

  2. Can you add “are you sure” when select “end ride” option directly within a race? (Different from end ride option within menu screen)

Many thanks!

Note this is within Zwift Android app