(Michael Conners) #1

Hi Zwifters.  Does anyone else use Endomondo ?  What’s the odds that this will be linked up with Zwuft?  I have years of data in Endomondo and it would be nice to integrate the two.

(Mark Hewitt) #2

Yeah I use it. I use https://tapiriik.com/ which automatically syncs between Strava and Endomondo. I have it set up to ship everything from Strava over to Endomondo, works nicely and automatically. Doesn’t mark it as Indoor Cycling mind, which is unfortunate.

(Pavel Grigorenko) #3

Looking forward to official Zwift integration with Endomondo, until now I’m exporting to .fit and manually uploading workouts to Endomondo.

(Daniel Czarkowski) #4

Any updates from Zwift regarding Endomondo?

Garmin Connect has already been integrated, what is great achievement!


(Igor Razumny) #5

I’m also looking forward for Zwift Endomondo integration


(Robert Bowman) #6

Endomondo integration would be really handy, yes please.

(Ewald Wicher) #7

Agree, would love to have Endomondo integration!

(Jens Mourier) #8

Yes please …  Endomondo integration!