end workout early

 I was on the new Alpe de Zwift ride- it was so awesome.  However, it is a grind and I had to abandon with 7km to go as I was out of time. Do I still get all the stuff I accumulated on the ride ie XP etc. Or is it like I never did it?

If you want XP, do ERG workouts and get the stars.

Look at your totals and see if you got the credit. If you can’t tell it doesn’t matter. Improving fitness is way more important than silly game points.

I think the stars on the AdZ are for the roulette wheel at the top. You need them all to get a spin.

I want to get points so I can get to higher levels and do more routes. Or do those points not matter for that?  I enjoyed the Alpes du Zwift ride but could only do it as part of a group. New here so still figuring things out. Thanks Cary.