End ride rating dialog bugged

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #1

Today the end of ride rating dialog window popped up at the end of a group ride.

The blue ride on hands ONLY appeared if I hovered over them. The space was blank white space ONLY unless I moved the mouse there.

The text box ONLY took a single line of text which did not wrap around and was truncated at very few characters.

Please! You can do better than this! This is shamefully bad!

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Porthos, do you happen to have a screenshot of this? Also, which device were you Zwifting on?

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #3


I should have thought to take a screen shot! Whoops!

I was on Windows 10 PC.

I have never had a problem like this before with any other dialogs.