Encrypted data stream

I am disappointed that Zwift chose to turn on encryption for the data stream due to google wanting it so without having a process already in place for 3rd party devs to obtain keys and access. Now ZAM and Sauce do not work. A more professional approach would have been to wait have dev access first before implementing data stream encryption.

I’m also very disappointed…i used ZAM and now Sauce every ride. It’s perfect to use in TTT’s.
@shooj , @James_Zwift is there a way to get this guys some help to get this 3rd party apps working again?


Contrarian viewpoint, but I’m pretty happy that google are forcing the likes of Zwift (and others) not to allow personal data to be free’ly mined and given to corporates to monetize.

Zwift have very poor data privacy standards and this is a start to cleaning up their act.

FYI @DejanPresen Zwift are working with impacted devs.

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Also happy in stopping ZAM from working. As soon as they added the rolling 95% of 20min it became a tool for sandbagging.

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Lots of people use it for their legitimate training. This is another loss in features for Zwift users.
There are a lot worse issues with cheating in Zwift racing than ZAM users.
Easier to put in an incorrect weight than use ZAM to hit perfect average 20 minute power levels.

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I’ve got no idea what training they’re doing that they need to a live view of 95% the last 20min instead of having a target power.

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This is what my stream will be missing today…it’s called Sauce 4 Zwift.

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It has more features than that, clearly.

They can also just use a Garmin 1030 to achieve the same thing - if the training is maintaining a particular average power level.

Author of Road Captain here,

I’m working on supporting the new encrypted feed but you can imagine that takes some time.

In the mean time I’ve noticed that with the latest Zwift and Zwift Companion versions the turn commands work very flaky, see also here: Turn commands flaky when using Zwift Companion [July 2022] [3.37.0]

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Some good news, I’ve just ran a first successful test of RoadCaptain using the encrypted connection and that’s looking really good :tada:

A new RoadCaptain release should be out soon!


It’s here! RoadCaptain release

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