Enable multiple Ride On feature in group rides, events, and races

Per https://gozwift.kustomer.help/en_us/-how-to-give-multiple-ride-ons-at-once-S1Wag0ybS7, the “multiple ride-on” feature is disabled in group rides.

I would love for this feature to be enabled in events like the Zwift Fondo series, or the Tour of New York, etc., as well as races (perhaps controlled by the race organizer). In most group rides, I end up finding a nice little peloton where we’re all at about the same level, and we’re pushing and working together. For me, this is the social aspect of Zwift at its best, and I would love to be able to encourage my peloton’s collaboration without having to find and click on every user. This is especially difficult as the line-up is reordering itself.

Yeah, I don’t know why it’s not enabled in group rides and races. Doesn’t make sense to me.

I’d like it to give a Ride On to everyone within the radius too, not just a randomised handful of people.

Id be happy if they made it so the yellow chevron also got a switch in their companion app or whatever they use that would enable ride ons at their discretion.
That way you’re not getting ride ons constantly showering down during a race but instead at an allocated section of the ride, say after the main sprint or after the large hill etc.