Emulate a race?

There is a race I like to do (2.6mile one), but it maybe only happens once or twice a week. I’d like to essentially time trial myself on that course (practice a couple times a week), so was wondering if that was possible? Let’s say I just wanna race a couple of my friends, is there a way to just create a custom race on the spot (and if so, can I copy one that already exists)?

Hi @Ryan_Westover, short answer is no.

But, you can create a meetup with your friends on the same route (if it is available, not all routes are). Meetups dont have a race option either, but they are supposed to be releasing that functionality soon with leaderboards for meetups.

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I’ve done race-like meetups where results were collated off Strava segments… Zwift Insider confirmed segments are best. Of course segments are based on net time, not justfinish time. Fly-by analysis can show positions of riders relative to each other, with time gaps.

Eric Min has recently said on a podcast that the meetup results will be coming out in an update within a few weeks, which indicates the end of July update.