EMI problems with Ant+

Here’s a thought…
When I turned off the overhead lights in my room
the zwift ant+ connection ran perfectly.

Identifying EMI Sources

If you’re seeing signal noise, static, loss of signal or any other kind of signal interruption in wireless devices (or even in line-connected audio equipment such as intercoms), then you likely have a problem with electromagnetic interference. To identify the source, deactivate all electrical sources. This means turning off lights and communications equipment. Then listen to the interrupted device. In the case of a radio with severe static, turn everything else off and listen to see if the static persists. If no signal noise is present, then one or more devices are generating the EMI. To find the offending piece of equipment, leave the susceptible device active and turn on each system individually until the signal noise returns. If the signal noise does not return, it is likely a cumulative effect of multiple devices. Turn on multiple likely offenders (compare to the offending issues in the previous section) such as ballasts, fluorescent lamps, or any device that generates RF or microwaves to identify which sets of components are generating the offending field.