Elite Zumo power output off

Recently I’ve noticed that I’m pedaling really hard but Zwift thinks I’m putting out only 40 to 100 watts.

Sometimes if I come to a complete stop and then start riding again, the same work will be around 200 watts.

Other times I have to come to a complete stop and go into the menu and just tap on the setup, then return to the course and the output and resistance are normal (200 W).

I use an iPad for zwift connected by Bluetooth plus an iPhone running companion to get Apple Watch heart rate (which works poorly as well. Lots of slow starts and dropouts).

Used to never have these low power readings, I’ve tried spin down calibrations in zwift as well as the elite app. Hasn’t helped.

i’m not sure about IOS but i know there is an issue with the Zumo over bluetooth on android.

maybe there is a zumo/bluetooth/zwift issue

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I’m not surprised to find issues with zwift with no fix in sight but still charging full price.